Micro LED Spoon 1/4 oz


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The Micro LED Spoon was designed with an industry first Micro LED.
Pinch the Micro LED to turn on.
Place the Micro LED into the lure body.
Tip the FishDaddy Micro LED Spoon with your favorite bait on the hook.
Lure Body: lead free made from zinc available in 1/4oz in 5 lure colors Instant Glow Paint System uses the power of the Micro-LED to charge the paint on your lure.
Save time and keep the Micro LED Spoon in the water during the bite window. Micro LED: A generous battery life allowing a weekend of fishing!
This leaves the FishDaddy Glow Flares (glow sticks) in the dust!
Interchangeable with: Micro-LED Spoon, Bouncer-Flare, and the Jig-FlareBe in control of your angling experience with 4 blinking colors to swap out.
The Micro-LED is replaceable and reusable! The light brings’em in and your bait seals the deal!


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Wonderbread, Glow Pink and Green Perch, Glow Pink Perch, Glow Red Perch, Silver Perch, Sunset Gold