Daiwa Revros 2500


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Revros is it now has a Zaion V body which is simultaneously lighter and a lot stronger than what other manufacturers are using at this price-point, typically a nylon-based graphite. This is true carbon resin graphite. It also keeps all the bearings and gears in precise alignment because it’s a harder, more rigid material. It doesn’t bend or lose efficiency while under load fighting a fish. The Revros also features an Airdrive Rotor and Airdrive Bail. Especially with these design changes, the Daiwa Revros is a great starting point for beginning to avid anglers.

  • Air Bail: Daiwa’s innovative bail design features a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that delivers maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Featuring a smooth protrusion-free design and construction line easily slides unencumbered along the Air Bail towards the line roller for trouble-free line control
  • Air Rotor: lighter, stronger and more balanced than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ delivers a great leap forward in rotor design and function and delivers the ultimate reel sensitivity and rotational balance
  • Machined aluminum handle: ergonomically correct and screws easily into the body
  • Zaion V body: a new generation of lightweight Daiwa’s resin and carbon material. The Zaion V material is both strong and incredibly lightweight
  • ATD® drag: high density woven carbon impregnated with specially designed grease, creating a smooth and fluid high performance drag

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Laguna LT2000, Laguna LT2500