Lime Green Pearl Perch 2 Pack


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  • Lime Green Pearl Perch – 2 Pack

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    Our NEW Pearl Perch Series is the ultimate walleye weapon. It features 5 of the most deadly colour patterns we’ve made to date. It is our answer to what do the fish want as an alternative to glow. Because as any angler knows, having a well-stocked tackle box is the key to angling success.

    We are firm believers in switching it up when it comes to targeting various species & during different fishing conditions. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to switch it up & released a non-glow alternative that we feel will help you up your game and catch more fish.

    These truly are one of the best walleye jig sets HCL has to offer! The pearlescent sheen on them is off the charts & truly the genius behind its overall success!

    Catch More Fish With HCL🎣

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