Big Sky Chopper Glow Jig 2 Pack


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Brand New Big Sky Chopper 3/8oz 2 Pack

Jigs The Chopper Jigs are the ultimate combination for any angler open water and ice fishing. Props to Big Sky for adding high velocity propellers which pair flash and vibration all in one incredible lure. Chopper Jigs are ¼ oz, eyelets that are paint free and high definition 3D eyes. Each jig features bright vibrant UV and Kryptonite Glow paint jobs. As an added bonus we have upgraded hooks to an Eagle Claw 3052; the style and upgraded hook has solved the problem of not having enough “real estate” to hook your bait on where other model jigs have previously failed. The high velocity propeller spins when in a stationary position in any body of water where there is current. Or rip this jig for maximum flash, vibration and rattle. Props off to any angler willing to climb on board with the Big Sky Chopper Jigs

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