30 Ah Lithium battery Wide(LifePO4) With Charger


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New for 2020! 30AH LifePO4 wide. Packs the same punch as our regular 30AH but now available in the wide body style to fit nicely in your portable/Ice kits.

The perfect small fishing electronics Garmin, Vexilar, Marcum, Humminbird and Lowrance battery replacement. Longer run times (up to 30%) than Lead Acid Batteries and almost the same price! This is the best priced Lithium Battery and LiFePO4 battery in the industry.

All Amped Outdoors Batteries are LiFePO4 Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) These are the safest, longest lasting Lithium Batteries available. All batteries have built in BMS which gives you charging and discharging cutoff protection for your safety and increased longevity of our products along with cell balancing. Cost per charge, there is not a better technology out there.

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